The following instructions are for importing the .unitypackage directly into your project’s Assets folder. This is the simplest way to use the framework. However, if you intend to modify its sources, either for contributing or for evolving it in your own fork, please follow the instructions in the Integrating as a Git submodule section instead.

Importing the package into your project

  • Make sure your are running the latest version of Unity or at least 2017.2.x
  • Configure your Unity project:
    • In the Unity Editor menu, click Edit > Project Settings > Player and in Other Settings > Scripting Runtime Version, select Experimental (.NET 4.6 Equivalent).
    • When prompted, select Restart.
  • Download the latest release of the package from GitHub (ie: Silphid.Unity-20xx.x.x.unitypackage)
  • Drag the package file onto your Project window in the editor and click Import.
  • Try the examples and look at the scripts for those examples (there are lots of comments there). More examples coming soon.