Silphid.Unity is a high quality .NET library for the development of modern and fluid Unity applications leveraging Reactive Extensions (Rx) and the MVVM pattern, in order to achieve a fully dynamic, data-driven UI, advanced animation sequencing and transitioning, streamlined dependency injection, as well as asynchronous data loading, caching and conversion.

Silphid.Unity was inspired by my work of the past 17 years at Simbioz and then LVL Studio, initially targeting the WPF framework, but now completely rethought and redesigned for Unity and Rx.

Even though it has been used to deliver multiple commercial-grade applications, it is still constantly evolving and improving, and I am just now releasing it to the public for the first time. Documentation and examples are still in their early stages and more work still has to be done to make the whole thing easier to integrate into your Unity projects. But, as they say, we have to start somewhere! ;) All your comments are more than welcomed!

My sincere thanks to LVL Studio for supporting this effort and being such a great place to work at. If you are looking for an outstanding job opportunity in the Montreal area, make sure to visit our Careers page! :)


  • Showzup - Full-fledged MVVM framework with asynchronous data-driven UI, custom transitions and dynamic view variants.
  • Loadzup - Rx-based asynchronous asset/resource/object loading and conversion, with simple URI-addressing.
  • Injexit - Dependency injection framework with a clean and efficient fluent syntax.
  • Sequencit - Rx-based sequencing of elements with dynamic durations.
  • Machina - Lightweight Rx-based state machine with polymorphic states.
  • Commons - Extension methods (and more) for .NET, Unity, UniRx, DOTween, etc, providing a concise fluent syntax for many useful operations.

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