Commons is a library of various helpers and extension methods for types from .NET, Unity, UniRx, DOTween, etc, that provides a concise fluent syntax for many common or more complex operations. This is where I put everything I feel is missing from the APIs I use everyday.


  • Extension methods for float, double, int, long, string, DateTime, TimeSpan, IObservable<T>, IEnumerable<T>, GameObject, Transform, Vector2, Vector3, Quaternion, Tween
  • Maths: sign, abs, floor, ceiling
  • Interpolation: linear, quad/cubic Bézier, inversed interpolation (ratio), transposition (from one range to another)…
  • Wrapping, clamping, easing, filtering, smoothing, comparing
  • VirtualTimeScheduler and TestScheduler that are currently missing from UniRx (Silphid.Sequencit uses those for unit testing), but I have submitted a pull request for them to be merged into UniRx.
  • And much more!