Hello! My name is Mathieu Frenette and I work for a great software company named LVL Studio, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where I lead the design of our E2 initiative, a multiplatform video application development solution, based on Unity 3D and C#, for aspiring Netflixes and other giants of the media industry.

I am passionate about design patterns, best practices, reactive extensions (Rx) and dependency injection. I enjoy cycling, yoga and some slacklining and I love to teach others and share knowledge.

Out of my experience of the past few decades, I created the Silphid.Unity open-source MVVM framework, to which my colleagues at LVL have greatly contributed, and which has become the foundation of our E2 platform.

Going backwards in time, shortly after the dot com era, I cofounded Simbioz, where I designed gesture-based interactive systems and applications for 13 years, using C# and XAML.

Further yet back in time, some twenty years ago, I quit college to devote myself for two years to the development of an ambitious video game named Clone, that would become a most eloquent informal diploma and land me my first job in the software industry.

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