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Hey! Nice to have you here! My name is Mathieu Frenette and I like to call myself a mindful software designer.

Of course, I develop software too, but I like to think of my job mostly as a creative one. Juggling, sculpting and assembling ideas, models and flows. Crafting code meticulously like clockworks. Not only for computers to digest, but especially for real people to use and live with, starting with my fellow developers, whose experience will be significantly impacted, for better or for worse, by the choices I make. Just like a building architect, designing a balanced, functional and agreeable space for people to live in. But in this case a virtual space. It’s a great responsibility, but also one of the most rewarding challenges I know.

In this blog, I will share with you some of the most uplifting concepts and techniques I have come across in my last two decades of development. Things I have had the opportunity to learn from other, generous developers. Other things I invented myself, out of failure and frustration, convinced there had to be some better way.

It is far from an achievement. In fact, it’s only the beginning of a journey. A path I decided to call mindful software design.

On this road, we’ll cover a broad range of topics, from high level concepts, patterns and best practices, to concrete techniques, such as clean and fluent API design, reactive extensions (Rx) and dependency injection, all using C# and Unity 3D as playground. I will pick many examples out of my Silphid.Unity framework, which abounds in interesting patterns to dissect.

UPDATE: I have now published my first post, which you may want to read next: Abstraction, “the Chair is Black” and What you Could do with a Second Brain. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to receive my next posts as they are published !

Bon voyage! :)


Mathieu Frenette

Mindful software designer, passionate about design patterns, best practices, reactive extensions, dependency injection, machine learning, C#, Unity and teaching!

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