Back in 1996-97, I momentarily quit college to devote myself to a wonderful 2-year journey that would take me from a simple – but very nice – idea, to a complete shareware title distributed by a commercial publisher.

A handful of great reviews

“If you enjoy creative and devilish turn-based puzzle games that never seem to run out of surprises, Clone is a game for you. With 6 huge worlds and a near endless variety of levels, it is definitely one of the best shareware puzzlers ever made.” —

“[…] I put this on the same level as Lemmings, The Incredible Machine and other great puzzlers from the nineties. It’s a game so varied and so well designed that any puzzle fan would be utterly remiss to pass it by.” —

“This is an excellent puzzle game that I can highly recommend.  […] The levels are well thought out, and there are a good variety of puzzles.  The sound effects were spot-on, and I loved our hero’s speech.  The graphics were brilliant, with every episode having a distinct theme.  […] If you like challenging puzzle games, you are sure to love this one.” — (4.5 star editor raking)

Download it now

Old PC game fans all know the DOS BOX emulator can do miracles in bringing back old memories alive.  Download DOS BOX andClone.

Play it in your browser

Even though the performance is not quite as good as a native installation, I was very surprise to discover that Clone can be played within a web browser, as I found out via Google.  Play it without waiting onarchive.orgnow ! 🙂

YouTube has it all

I was also astounded to find very recent (2017) video walk-throughs of the first and second Clone episodes on YouTube.